Nathan David Rabinowich: The Jewish Community in Brooklyn

During much of the early 1900s, the Jewish population in Borough Park, and Brooklyn as a whole, was part of a much more liberal voting block. However, many of these early Jewish families moved to the suburbs or other places around the city while more conservative Hasidic Jews, many of them survivors of the Holocaust and immigrant families from Eastern Europe, joined their neighborhoods. As a result, the overwhelming majority of the Hasidic population in Borough Park and Brooklyn introduced a more traditional Jewish lifestyle. Borough Park is home to one of the largest Orthodox Jewish communities outside of Israel, with one of the largest concentrations of Jewish people in the United States.

Rabbi Nathan David Rabinowich at the Rhode Island
Brooklyn is home to many Hasidic groups, the largest being the Hasidic Bobov sect; the Belz, Ger, Satmar, Stolin, Vizhnitz, Munkacz, Spinka, Klausenburg, Skver, and Puppa communities also reside here.  The area is predominately Jewish. Jewish immigrants began populating Borough Park at the turn of the 20th century, beginning in 1904–05. There is a minority of Hareidi non-Hasidic Lithuanian Jews, and a smaller number of Modern Orthodox Jews. There is also a large population of Yemenite Jews, many of whom immigrated to the area in the early 1920s.

As Nathan David Rabinowich knows, about 39% of Jewish people in Brooklyn consider themselves Orthodox, which has garnered Borough Park the moniker “heartland” for many of New York’s Orthodox Jewish population. The neighborhood became largely Orthodox in the last 40 years, making a transformation sometimes referred to as “suburb to shtetl”.  As a Rabbi, Nathan is well-versed in the history and tradition of his local community, something that continues to serve him well as a member of the Ahavath Torah Institute.

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About Nathan David Rabinowich

Nathan David (Nosson Dovid) Rabinowich is an author of thirteen critically acclaimed scholarly books and hundreds of articles. He is an expert on Jewish History with extensive teaching experience at the high school and university levels. Nathan has lead as a CEO and Scholar in Residence in such as ventures as the Jewish Heritage Tours to Western Europe, Canada, and Africa.
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