Nathan David Rabinowich: Truth about Chasam Sofer’s Inconsistencies

In this article, Rabbi Nathan David Rabinowich attempts to show that the claims of contradiction and inconsistency to be nonexistent, and that they can be properly explained through careful and deliberate analysis of the actual sources and issues involved.

Nathan David Rabinowich is weary of the wide-ranging and informative discussions about the Chasam Sofer. He believes that any claims of inconsistencies, contradictions and misrepresentations against a rabbi of such awesome stature, such as that of Chasam Sofer, must be carefully analyzed and scrutinized before any sort of serious consideration.

Rabbi Nathan David RabinowichIt is an extremely uncomfortable motion to accuse Chasam Sofer of inconsistencies, misrepresentations, issuing non-binding rulings and contradictions without examining careful documentation that supports such claims. It is common knowledge, says Rabinowich, of Chasam Sofer’s uniqueness among scholars and rabbis, particularly when it came to organization.

As one of his students noted, “One of his most desirable traits was the unbelievable organization in all aspects of his life.” Nathan’s respect for Rabbi Moshe Sofer, the late “Chasam Sofer,” of blessed memory, is not merely that reserved for a great rabbi and outstanding scholar. It is way beyond that. But in his article, He is committed to the upholding of a balanced and critical approach throughout. As Nathan David Rabinowich clearly states:

“Nevertheless I feel it appropriate to note that from my perspective, Rabbi Sofer
was a holy rabbi, a saint if you wish, whose towering scholarship in so many
areas of Jewish studies was unmatched by his peers or by any rabbi from any
subsequent generation.”

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About Nathan David Rabinowich

Nathan David (Nosson Dovid) Rabinowich is an author of thirteen critically acclaimed scholarly books and hundreds of articles. He is an expert on Jewish History with extensive teaching experience at the high school and university levels. Nathan has lead as a CEO and Scholar in Residence in such as ventures as the Jewish Heritage Tours to Western Europe, Canada, and Africa.
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