Nathan David Rabinowich in Incredible India

India is an amazing destination that many travelers would put first on their list of countries to visit. As the former Executive Director for Jewish Heritage Tours in the United States, Nathan David (Nosson Dovid) Rabinowich shares some prominent and convincing spots to visit in India.

According to Nathan Rabinowich, most first-time travelers to India arrive in Delhi, India’s capital city. Delhi’s top attractions are its entrancing mosques, forts, and spectacular landmarks from the Mughal dynasty. A large number of these attractions are situated in delightfully arranged gardens that are ideal for unwinding. The city of Old Delhi is a fascinating place to visit. Visitors to Delhi should not leave the city without visiting the Taj Mahal, just a three-hour drive from Delhi. The Taj Mahal is located in Agra and is part of India’s prevalent Golden Triangle visitor circuit. The Taj Mahal is India’s most notable landmark, and the top historical attraction in India, which is why it should feature on your must-visit list.

Rabbi Dr. Nathan David Rabinowich recommends visiting the Golden Temple in Amritsar. The Golden Temple is the holy site for the Sikhs, and its name signifies “Sacred Pool of Nectar”, from the waterway around the Golden Temple. The flawless Golden Temple draws in individuals from around the world, and the number of visitors it gets may even be similar to the number that visit the Taj Mahal. The Golden Temple looks especially stunning during the evening, especially as its acclaimed golden dome is beautifully lit up.

Nathan David (Nosson Dovid) Rabinowich has worked with Jewish Heritage Tours for a long time, and as Executive Director, he has coordinated numerous enlightening tour programs for individuals and groups wanting to learn more about the world. Being part of Jewish Heritage Tours gave him the opportunity to create traveler’s itinerary and to visit numerous places around the world. Of all the different countries he has visited, India holds a special place in his heart.

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About Nathan David Rabinowich

Nathan David (Nosson Dovid) Rabinowich is an author of thirteen critically acclaimed scholarly books and hundreds of articles. He is an expert on Jewish History with extensive teaching experience at the high school and university levels. Nathan has lead as a CEO and Scholar in Residence in such as ventures as the Jewish Heritage Tours to Western Europe, Canada, and Africa.
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