Nosson Dovid Rabinowich: Pre-Chanukah Sale Four Excellent Sefarim

1) Safra v’Sayfa: The battle of the saintly ”Chasam Sofer” against early Reform Judaism in Germany,based upon his writings and correspondence : includes new fascinating biographical information about his life and family. $25

2) Binas Nevonim: Fascinating ground-breaking essays on the lessons of the Holocaust by the Munkatcher Rebbe, zt”l, Rebbe Baruch Yehoshua Yerachmiel Rabinowich;incl. a long introduction about the Rebbe’s life and his amazing “hatzalah” work ,saving thousands of Jewish lives in Budapest. $26

3) Chidushei Bais Av : A remarkable and original 3 part work,  based on  manuscript, from Ha’Gaon Rebbe Avraham Aaron Yudelevich, one of the greatest & most prolific Rabbanim in America(d.1930); he was the first rabbi to ever visit the White House(1924). $25

4)”Chiddushei u’Peirushai Rav Sherira Gaon”(2 vols.): The first-ever collection of all the known writings of Rav Sherira Gaon, the Gadol Ha’Dor of the 10th- 11th centuries,
who lived in Baghdad. $40


Please call:347-309-8485 to order Rabbi Dr. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich’s latest publications

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Rabbi Nosson Dovid Rabinowich: Director for Jewish Heritage Tours

Nosson Dovid Rabinowich is a successful Executive Director for Jewish Heritage Tours, a company based in Brooklyn, New York. He is a highly capable businessman with extensive industry experience.  In his current role, he manages the marketing, purchasing and billing of over one hundred group tours throughout the United States. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich also coordinates travel and hotel accommodations for company-provided tours outside of the United States, including such countries such as Canada, Israel and numerous others throughout Europe.


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Nathan David Rabinowich: A Rabbi & a Successful Businessperson

Acclaimed Rabbi Dr. Nathan David Rabinowich (aka Nosson Dovid Rabinowich) is a Brooklyn native who is known for his contribution to Jewish history, community, literature, as well as in the hospitality business.

Apart from a renowned Jews History scholar, Nosson Dovid Rabinowich is also a skilled individual who is expert in managing catering, conferences, and other business venues. As a matter of fact, he began his career as the manager at a Manhattan restaurant. Nathan David Rabinowich has also been the owner of two famous restaurants in New York, which he sold to live his dream of travelling the world.

Today, Nathan David Rabinowich works as the chief tour guide at Jewish Heritage Tours and take people on the tours of Western Europe and North Africa. He has also authored 13 acclaimed books & hundreds of articles on Jewish history. He is also a famous public speaker on the subject and has influenced lives of thousands through his work for Jewish community.

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Architectural & Intellectual Beauty of Spain with Nosson Dovid Rabinowich

Spain is a beautiful county and according to Nathan David Rabinowich (aka Nosson Dovid Rabinowich), there are not enough words in any language to describe this beauty. As the chief tour guide at Brooklyn based tour and travel agency ‘Jewish Heritage Tours’, Nathan David Rabinowich often takes travellers on tours to different parts of this artistic country.

Apart from its architectural and intellectual beauty, what fascinates Nosson Dovid Rabinowich the most about Spain is its distinct and vibrant culture. Another noticeable thing about the country is its association with Jews history. A walk through the historic town of Segovia, the home of the Inquisition, is always soul consoling for Nathan David Rabinowich. This is also where the museum devoted to Grand Rabbi Abraham Senor is situated.

Nosson Dovid Rabinowich says that his three most favorite Spanish cities are Gibraltar, Seville, and of course Barcelona. As an expert on Jewish history, Nathan David Rabinowich makes Spain even more memorable to tourists.

Visit here to know more about Nosson.

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The Beauty of Life in France, through the Eyes of Nosson Dovid Rabinowich

Rabbi Nosson Dovid (Nathan David) Rabinowich has voyage many nations, yet France has an exceptional spot as he would like to think. As indicated by him, France is the a standout amongst the most wonderful and most compensating spot to be in.

As Nosson Dovid Rabinowich says, France is a nation loaded with inventive and masterful individuals, which consequently makes living here entirely energizing. Vicinity of notable points of interest where Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Albert Camus, Picasso, T. S. Elliot, Hemingway and other awesome creators, artists and painters used to invest their energy can make anybody feel nostalgic.

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Rabbi Nosson Dovid Rabinowich – His Years as a Jewish History Student

Nosson Dovid (Nathan David) Rabinowich is a Brooklyn native and one of the most esteemed Rabbi of present times. His interest in Jewish history & literature was inborn. Continuing to this path during his adolescent years, Nathan David Rabinowich received his Bachelor degree in Jewish history in 1977 from City University of New York.

Right after his graduation, he received his first Rabbinic Ordination from Ponevez Yeshivah in Bnei-brak, Israel in 1978. After receiving his master degree from New York University in 1980, Nosson Dovid Rabinowich obtained his second Rabbinic Ordination from Mesifta Talmudical Seminary in Brooklyn the same year.

Nosson Dovid Rabinowich

Till 1983, he was also a Research Fellow in Talmudic studies at Mir Talmudical Institute in Jerusalem, Israel. Nathan David Rabinowich completed his doctorate in Classic Jewish History and Rabbinic Literature from New York University in 1997, while he was serving as the Dean at Ahavath Torah Institute in Brooklyn.

Nosson Dovid Rabinowich’s lifelong work has inspired thousands of Jews history scholars throughout the world.

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Nosson Dovid Rabinowich: An Inspiring Figure in All Respect

One of the most renowned Rabbis of present times, Dr. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich ( Nathan David Rabinowich) has lived an inspiring life filled with rich experiences. As a scholar of Jews history, he was also regarded as a prodigy. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich also served as the dean and Rabbi at Ahavath Torah Institute in Brooklyn from 1992 to 2013, where he influenced the lives of thousands Jews history students.

Rabbi Dr. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich is also the writer of 13 acclaimed books on Jews history and his work on the subject has benefited the community greatly. For his lifelong work, Nosson Dovid Rabinowich has been honored with numerous awards, as well as regarded as a rare Talmud Chacham of our generation. Throughout his life, he has also been an influencing public speaker.

Today, Nathan David Rabinowich is the executive director of Jewish Heritage Tours and as the chief guide makes tourists’ experiences richer through his knowledge.

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